Benefits's key benefits are:

Drive more revenue and profit by selling more places on your courses. helps you fill course places with 24 hour service and easy management of discounts and pricing.

Responsive service

Responsive service produces more sales. Training is a competitive industry and often the training company that is most responsive and provides the best before-course service wins the work. does not leave customers dangling for a response - with the corresponding risk they take their business elsewhere.

Promote early registration

When you list a course you can set trigger dates for price increases. By revealing this pricing structure to the customer online you emphasise the benefits of early booking. Maximising early bookings gets revenue through the door to cover fixed costs as early as possible.

Working 24/7's automated response function works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and answers queries for you even when you can't (eg after normal business hours or while you are delivering training).

Makes change easy

Training is price sensitive. understands the need for discounting and changes to pricing and manages exceptions without missing a beat. Using you can:
  • Discount whole courses
  • Discount for a particular sale
  • Transfer people between courses
  • Process cancellations

The aim is to keep your administration costs low and maximise available time for profitable activities like selling and delivering services. helps you achieve this by:


Automating processes and communications using the workflows you define. For example you can set your system to generate a personalised email confirming a delegate's online booking request, and later confirm a place on the course once payment has been received. Easy! Using standardised email templates keeps this efficient AND effective.


Making administration paperless by moving fax and paper based registrations online. Experience has shown that when online registration is offered in parallel with paper forms the overwhelming majority of customers opt for online registration (see the CC Learning case study)

Less phone time

Reducing time your staff spend on the phone. With basic tasks like registering and paying for a course are done online. This means phone calls are for more substantive issues. Furthermore, our clients have found that customers who book online prefer NOT to speak to someone as part of the registration process.

Automatic validation

Validating information as the person registering for the course enters the information. This ensures that you get all the information you need, saving you the effort of clarifying details

Online and visible views and charts provide useful, current information:

  • provides one place to hold your course information, enquiries and registrations
  • Updates are visible to others as soon as they are made
  • Views and charts provide information about course and registrant status
  • You can drill directly from summary views to an individual course or registration to take action

Up-to-date information

Because all information about courses, enquiries, registrations and payments is available in one place in real time, everyone in your team can get access to the information they need, when they need it eg:

  • Accounting staff can call up a view of all outstanding payments
  • Sales staff can trigger their own 'to do' lists
  • Trainers can check who is registered, special requests and when course materials were sent
  • The manager can check which courses are selling well and which ones need more sales and marketing effort

Personalised emails automated responses are much more than stock standard acknowledgements. By using the enquirers' name, referring specifically to the course they have enquired about and including a personalised sign-off from the sales representative, most enquirers enver realise the response has been generated automatically (and frequently offer thanks for the prompt reply)

Manage feedback also manages course participant feedback, letting you gather positive comments for marketing as well as suggestions for improvement.

You know how to deliver perfect back-office service - bookings processed quickly, receipts mailed on time, course material delivered on schedule, evaluations mailed promptly. helps you to make each and every client experience a positive one by standardising this process.

Get it right

Each course participant is important. The way in which you handle a client's records can make all the difference to repeat sales. Little things like getting their name correct are a start, but offers other record management benefits including:
  • Recording and communicating special requests - such as dietary requirements and health issues
  • Letting you record interactions with participants - their questions and concers. This means that you are informed and up to date for subsequent contact even if they speak to a different person and even if they are one of hundreds making an enquiry or booking
  • Sending personalised communications for example sending reminders about when a course starts, thanking them for their participation and sending them an evaluation.

In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong with a customer's experience, gives you a complete history for each registration and an audit trail that shows who was involved.

Everyone does it the same

Standardisation eliminates inconsistencies between staff members and allows a seamless transition in the event of job sharing, illness or annual leave.

Workflow management

Integrated workflow and automation tools are the keys to success. Some steps are done automatically (for example acknowledging an enquiry) some trigger automated activities (for example recording payment can trigger the ordering of course materials from a supplier) while others highlight actions that need to be taken as a checklist (for example advising examination results).

Fewer errors

Reducing the risk of errors in client communication. integration of your website and your back office functions means that course delegates enter their own details, not your course administrator. This is not only efficient and reduces admin time, it also reduces the risk of incorrect data entry. Nobody likes their name spelt wrong! Once data has been captured once it is used repeatedly for all process steps, eliminating repetitious typing and associated errors.


Software purchase can be expensive and software development can be extortionate, but is affordable even for a small business.
  • There is a scale of charges (based on the number of courses listed) to ensure you only play for what you use
  • takes care of all the expensive technical stuff - you don't need a specialised IT person on staff to make use of
  • is sold as software as a service, so you don't need to install any software on your own computers or organise your own backups
  • does all the upgrades and improvement and simply lets you know when new features are available for your use.

Scalable can grow with your business, with licenses that let you list more courses and offer additional features. is highly configurable so you can manage new types of courses, add new workflows, new online forms to suit your needs.