CourseSales.com comes with the Forms, support for processes, and the export features so you can manage your RTO obligations from web booking all the way through to certificate.


CourseSales.com lets you capture the information you need about your organisation, delivery locations, courses, clients, enrolments, and qualifications.

Reference Lists

CourseSales.com comes with the lookup lists you need for things like Country, Employment Status, Disability, Study Reason etc - 40 AVETMISS ready lists.


CourseSales.com enables you to manage the AVETMISS lifecycle.
  • List AVETMISS courses on your web site
  • Accept enquiries, and bookings
  • Gather the delegate's AVETMISS details
  • Create client records
  • Issue certificates and record qualifications
  • Perform trial reporting
  • Export and send your data